True Blood Season 5 episode 5

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Picking things up from the final scene of the True Blood season 5 premiere, this week’s episode, ”Authority Always Wins”, begins with a recently-turned Tara attacking Sookie outside of her house.
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True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Elsewhere, Bill, Eric and Nora, after being recently captured, find themselves at the headquarters of the Vampire Authority. Finding themselves in cages next to a former baby doctor vampire, the high-tech equipment makes sure that no vampire life is safe in their underground prison.

**True Blood Season 5 episode 5** Attached to a special liquid silver drip, Bill is questioned by one of the councilmembers of the Vampire Authority. Holding an ancient manuscript of vampire text, the Vampire councilman wants to make it absolutely clear that Bill knows the position they’re in: Humans are made for food, not for love.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 online Unable to eat from Marcus, Alcide is confronted by the former pack leader’s mother. After telling the pack to find a different pack leader, Alcide makes him way back to town. Later making an appearance at Luna’s house, Marcus’ mother attempts to visit her granddaughter. With a visibly beaten Sam waiting then, Marcus’ mother is turned away –

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 online but not before she stresses to Luna the fact that her daughter is part wolf. After making her exit, Luna makes it very clear to Sam that he either “has her back or not.” Upon hearing a noise from her daughter’s room, Luna finds out that her daughter has transformed into a werewolf.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Flashing back to moments of his military career, Arlene finds a sleeping Terry Bellefleur standing over her. After mumbling a warning, we begin to see glimpses of what may have happened. Later on, a brief pan-fire at Merlot’s causes Terry to accidentally push Arlene against a stack of metal tray. Looking for answers, Arlene visits Terry’s old war buddy. Leaving with just as many questions as she had before, Terry shows up to break up their meeting and to warn him that a former friend is not as dead as they initially thought.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Continuing to look to the past, we flash back to see Pam’s vampire origins, how she met Eric and how she eventually became a vampire. Working in a brothel, it was Eric who came to her rescue, after a human attempted to kill her in an outside alley.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Still enjoying his recent conquest, the newly-studded Andy Belfour and Jason come across an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. Containing a small vial of “V,” Andy mends to fend off his need for the blood. Back at the station, Jason is confronted by the son of a woman he slept with. After being accused of breaking up the kid’s parents and visiting Hoyt, Jason begins to realize that he may have lost his way.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Looking to still get ahold Jason, the recently converted Steve Newlan attempts to pry Jason’s protection out of the hands of Jessica. Unfortunately, the Vampire Counsel’s new mouthpiece wasn’t able to make a deal with Jessica. Attending a meeting of the Vampire Authority (while in chains), Roman (Christopher Meloni), the leader of the council, decides whether or not Bill and Eric lives. Before being able to make his decision, Bill promises to trade their lives for that of the recently released Russell Edgington. Intriguing the council, Roman accepts their offer for Russell’s retrieval.
True Blood Season 5 episode 5 The Season 5 premiere of True Blood left us hanging on a number of pretty major issues, two of which are addressed in the clips we have to show you. So, if you haven't gotten around to watching the first episode of the season ("Turn! Turn! Turn!"), read no further. To those who have, wait until you see what a certain new vampire is up to!

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 When last we saw Tara, she was at Sookie's throat, literally. Having been shot in the head at the end of Season 4, it wasn't clear if she was alive enough to be made into a vampire. Pam was decent enough to take a chance on mostly-dead Tara and as it turns out, she was alive enough to become a vampire… but with a bullet in her brain, maybe not mentally stable enough to handle the transition. In this first clip from "Authority Always Wins," we have a look at Tara zipping around Sookie's kitchen trashing the place. It wouldn't be the first time things got broken in that kitchen, nor will it probably be the last…

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 We’ll have to wait until the episode’s closing scenes to find that out. As for the opening, Tara does a pretty damn good job of being insanely destructive. Pam gets a grip on her and commands Tara not to bite Sookie and Lafayette. Then she quite literally flings Tara into the house. With a final “goodbye, kiddos!” Pam is out of there. She has a bar to run!

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 New bros Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) are handcuffed and in the process of being jailed. Nora (Lucy Griffiths) attempts to convince these authority workers that she was playing Eric, but it doesn’t seem like they’re buying it. It’s really her neck that’s on the line, but I don’t see her truly betraying them. They’re all brought down to reception, which looks shockingly like an office lobby, as opposed to a plain, old, dingy human prison. A little later, we meet another jail bird who is apparently a baby eater. He’s pretty scabby looking, and soon we find out why. They’re all tortured with UV lights from above in an attempt to gather information. No one spills.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Next, we flash back to the scene of the wolf pack munching on Marcus. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) really wants no part of the pack, but they seem to have trouble coming to grips with this. There are a lot of hoots and hollers antagonizing Alcide. One wolf is especially vocal in his disdain, and claims he’ll never bow down to Alcide. I found it somewhat comical how little Alcide cared about this pack.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 The only sympathetic member at the moment is, surprisingly, Marcus’ mother (Dale Dickey), who just expects Alcide to respect her son and their laws. Maybe Alcide just doesn’t want to be a cannibal. Meanwhile, Luna (Janina Gavankar) and Sam (Sam Trammell) get the hell out of dodge while they still can.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 At the Bellefleur residence, Arlene (Carrie Preston) is startled awake in the middle of the night by an increasingly unstable Terry (Todd Lowe). He seems like he’s sleepwalking, and we see flashes of his time at war. He’s aggressive with Arlene, and she gives him a really nice slap across the face. He quickly passes out. Terry is tired, everyone! Later in the episode, Terry snaps at Arlene once again, this time at Merlotte’s. He even went as far as to toss her across the kitchen. Arlene has been through enough trauma over of the course of the first four seasons that she knows something’s up. She starts demanding answers.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Poor Gran R.I.P. Your house will never be the same again. Somehow, Tara ends up perched on the kitchen sink, after ripping the rest of the kitchen to shreds. She’s acting like a wild squirrel that’s forced to be a household pet. At this point, she belongs in nature. They need her to eat something. Lafayette pins up the collar of his sweater, like a security blanket, and offers her a True Blood. Will Tara kick back and relax? No.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 At Fangtasia, Pam is starting to really worry about Eric’s whereabouts. She ends up dazing into a flashback, and we see a human Pam working in a brothel in San Francisco circa the early 1900's. She goes looking for one of her girls who’s been “busy” for a while, and ends up finding a body. Then, it’s back to reality. Later we’re treated to another flashback, the one we all saw coming, her first meeting with Eric.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 She’s assaulted on the street by a demanding customer who doesn’t want to wait. She said the shop was closed, pal! In a flash, Eric uses the scoundrel’s own knife to slit his throat, spraying Pam in the process. She’s pretty unfazed by the murder, but she seems infatuated with Eric. She doesn’t get his name, though. Back at Luna’s house, Marcus’ mother shows up looking for Emma. She seems genuinely concerned for her well being, and claims to just want a relationship with her granddaughter. She knows she’s a wolf. Luna denies this. Sam tries to see things both ways, and in sympathizing with Marcus’ mom, he alienates Luna.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 She kicks him out, too. She doesn’t want her child mixed up with the white trash wolves. I don’t blame her; however, by the end of the episode, Emma is romping around as a little wolf up. Uh oh, Luna! Sookie realizes that Tara needs to be underground before sunrise, and she wants Lafayette’s assistance in getting her in Eric’s old cubby. Lafayette cuts himself to distract Tara, and Sookie wraps a silver chain around her neck.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Lafayette is shocked, but it’s all in a day’s work for Sookie. Sookie is becoming so desensitized! Later on, Sookie catches Lafayette about to stake Tara. He doesn’t want this life for her, and he feels guilty. Sookie convinces him to stop, and to give it time, citing Jessica as an example. When Jessica turned, she was overly emotional and complained a lot. She didn’t act at all rabid, though.Next, we see Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Andy (Chris Bauer) on the lookout for a reported car. Andy tells Jason he recently got laid.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 They sympathize with one another over the balance between relationships and casual sex. I’ve enjoyed seeing their friendship grow over the seasons. They find the abandoned car, and it’s Debbie’s! Sookie’s actions are going to catch up to her. Andy finds her V stash, and hands it off to Jason. He’s kicked that bad habit!

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Sookie is currently visiting a shop called The Stake House. Get it? Like Stackhouse! As in, Sookie Stackhouse. The cashier is a real creep, and he fantasizes about sex with Sookie. Sookie sasses him after reading his rude thoughts. Sookie’s in the market for vampire protection, and he sells her a silver spray system for her porch. The mechanism kind of looks like that Febreeze machine that sprays a whiff of smell into the air when it’s motion sensor goes off. It works like one too!

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 At the police station, Jason watches Newlin preach his new ways on TV. Apparently, he’s an open vampire, and wants his followers to change their views. God loves vampires now! Jason is attacked by a kid who claims Jason is causing a divorce between his parents. He slept with his mom, the gem known as “Crazy Sharon.” Also, Andy has the judge’s kid’s speeding ticket expunged. Something is going on with all of this.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 In the wildest scene of the episode, we shoot back to Bill and Eric, who are hooked up to some sort of silver I.V. torture device. They’re being interrogated, and neither falls for any tricks. They won’t rat each other out, and they won’t give in to The Authority! We learn of the really old testament, aka the Vampire Bible. The vampire text claims Adam and Eve to have been made as food for Lilith, God’s first creation. In their religion, God is a vampire, and humans are food. Interrelations between vampires and humans is blasphemous. Why are they so keen on integration and mainstreaming?

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Another Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) house party! I hope this becomes a weekly occurrence. The college kids seem to love Jessica’s keggers, and seeing her party is a riot. Reverend Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) shows up this week, in place of Jason. Nice sweater, Rev! The humans are fascinated by him. The girls want to touch his fangs. He’s not really there to party, though. He wants to buy Jason from Jessica. He offers $10,000 and Jessica toys with him, bringing him up to $40,000.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Once Newlin gets “happy,” Jessica reveals that she was only fooling around with him. A real cat fight ensues, and there is plenty of hair pulling. Jessica kicks him out. Jason is her friend, even if he is not “hers,” and he is not for sale. She kicks out the other partygoers, too, threatening to eat them. Not for nothing, but one of those girls almost puked on the sofa. Does Jessica really want to eat someone with that high of a blood alcohol level?

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Next, Arlene decided to visit Patrick (Scott Foley) at his motel. She wants answers, and if Terry won’t give them to her, then she’ll get them from Patrick. He refuses to budge. Terry shows up, and puts an end to the meeting. Privately, he confesses to Patrick that the other private they thought to be missing is actually just off the grid. They think he’s somehow responsible for the fires, and Terry finally is ready to help.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Mrs. Fortenberry (Dale Raoul) makes her season debut! She’s thankful that Jason broke up Jessica and Hoyt (Jim Parrack), but doesn’t want Hoyt to know that. She’s even promised Jason a pie! Hoyt still won’t forgive Jason, who just wants Hoyt to pull himself together. Bubba is dropping a bunch of F-bombs this week! Personally, I’m done with Hoyt. His mom is fun, though!

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Tara is up! She seems like she’s slightly less feral. She speaks! She won’t forgive them for what they did to her, and she runs off into the woods; however, not before triggering Sookie’s new sprinkler system! Poor Tara. She just can never catch a break. Her head wound still looks pretty rank, too.Back in the lair of The Authority, we get our first glimpse of Roman (Christopher Meloni)! He’s a very old vampyr leader who apparently has some ancient Lilith blood in him. Bill and Eric are brought before a council

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 Hey, there’s a little kid on the council! True Blood is apparently taking notes from Buffy and Interview with the Vampire. Kid vampires always make for good entertainment. Bill and Eric are to be sentenced. Nora is there as well. She isn’t dead as they were told, but she is to be executed. We witness some kind of biblical ritual where the council drinks drops of Roman’s blood.

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 The council is torn. Bill and Eric made some scenes in front of the media, and killed Nan. Also, Bill refused to execute Eric. Still, they’ve done some vampire good, as well. In the end, Bill alerts the council to the return of Russell, who they presumed dead. In exchange for their lives, they promise to bring Russell to them. Roman is more angry than ever because Russell is supposed to be dead!

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 In summary, the Authority needs vampires to mainstream because they are outnumbered 1000 to 1, at the time being. Even if they follow this vampire bible, fundamentalism won’t win them the war. Truly speaking, they are not in it for the peace of coexistence.In the end, we catch a glimpse of Russell (Denis O’Hare) recovering with a trail of bloody bodies and parts surrounding his hospital bed. Here comes trouble!

True Blood Season 5 episode 5 What did you all think of the episode? Did you enjoy Christopher Meloni’s anticipated debut? Is Tara still twisted? What’s up with Sookie’s new attitude? What are you expecting from Terry and Arlene’s plot? Do you want to see Jessica cool down, or continue her wild girl ways? Do you have any idea how hard it is to type out some of those actors’ names?